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Lash Condo Law is a boutique condominium law firm. Our expertise extends to all facets of condominium living, operation and management. After practicing for many years at major Bay Street law firms, Denise Lash established her own law firm to address the unique needs and challenges faced by condominium owners, residents and boards. The firm’s guiding principle is to provide the highest quality legal advice and services in the most cost effective manner.

Small but Mighty

We don’t expect our clients to pay for offices in fancy glass towers and the expensive boardrooms of “big law”. We believe in the old fashioned virtue of value for money. We understand condo because it is part of our everyday lives at work and at home. As board members, condo owners and condo lawyers we understand our clients’ needs. We’re highly effective, responsive and affordable.


• Drafting, amending and updating condominium documentation
• Declaration, by-law and rule enforcement
• Board meetings and general corporate governance
• Common expense collection
• Construction deficiencies, Tarion warranties, and claims involving developers
• Annual general meetings, proxies and requisitioned meetings
• Legal opinions and interpretations of condominium documents, the Condominium Act and other legislation
• Insurance claims and coverage issues
• Repairs, maintenance, alterations and improvements to units and common elements
• Employment, human rights and occupational health and safety standards
• Utility and telecommunication agreements, property management agreements, shared facility and reciprocal agreements
• New legislation and regulations which impact condominiums, including amendments to the Condominium Act
• Arbitration, mediation, negotiation and litigation services
Denise Lash

Denise has over 25 years experience as a condominium lawyer representing condominium clients in all aspects of condominium law. Denise has been recognized for her work on both a Provincial and National level.

Jason Rivait

Jason is well versed in all areas of condominium law, including first year budget deficit claims, common element deficiencies, shared facilities disputes, collection of common expense arrears, and much much more!

Josh Milgrom

Josh is passionate about condos – he is a condo lawyer, resident, owner, and president of his condo in downtown Toronto. As a director, Josh offers a unique perspective when advising condo corporations.

Joseph Salmon

Joseph is a fearless advocate and strategic lawyer for his clients. He is well versed in all areas of condominium law, including complicated turnover issues, common element deficiencies Tarion proceedings, shared facility and noise disputes, litigation regarding common expense arrears, and much much more!

Client Testimonials


With over 20 years of experience inside the condo world, we understand what it means to be a condo owner, board member, condo manager, condo developer and the issues condominium corporations face in their communities. We know what you’re going through – we know how to help.

How High?

When you say jump, we say…We put our clients first. We know that situations can move quickly and decisions often have to be made under tight time constraints. We’re here to serve – you.


We’re inspired by our clients, their stories, their challenges. We appreciate that every client is unique and every situation is different. We tailor our approach to suit your situation.

Walk the Talk

We’re not only condo lawyers, we’re condo owners, residents and board members. We bring both professional judgment and personal experience to every case we handle.

Our Mission

Client service is the foundation on which this firm is built – we know what we do, and we do it very well. If you require highly capable, experienced and affordable legal advice and representation, please contact us at the address below.
How to Deal with Noise Complaints

Practical advice, creative solutions, cost effective.

The Role of Condo Directors

Practical advice, creative solutions, cost effective.

Short Term Stays (Hoteling)

Practical advice, creative solutions, cost effective.

Condominium Act
Bill 106

An Act to amend the Condominium Act, 1998, to enact the Condominium Management Services Act, 2015 and to amend other Acts with respect to condominiums

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In condominiums located close to university and college campuses there is frequently dissension between resident owners and investor/landlord owners as to who is entitled to occupy the units. While investor/landlord


Audi USA has recently announced that it will launch Audi at Home, a car-sharing program, in two luxury condominium buildings in Miami and San Francisco. Audi will supply the vehicles

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This Friday and Saturday is ACMO/CCI Toronto’s 19th Annual Condominium Conference. The theme this year is “leading the way”. On Saturday, Denise will be moderating a session on Status Certificates,

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The Ontario Government announced that it has appointed the Honourable Douglas Cunningham, a retired judge, to conduct an independent review of the Tarion Warranty Corporation and the Ontario New Home

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As noted in some of our previous blog postings, many condominium corporations share facilities with other condominium corporations or other properties. While in most cases there are shared facilities agreements

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On Thursday October 29, 2015 the Standing Committee on Finance and Economic Affairs (the “Committee”) hosted a second day of hearing presentations from condo industry stakeholders providing feedback on Bill


Last week the Standing Committee on Finance and Economic Affairs listened to presentations from various condominium industry stakeholders providing feedback on Bill 106. The first presentation of the day was

Enforcing Payment of Shared Facilities Costs

Many condominium corporations share facilities with other condominium corporations or other properties. Usually there is an agreement in place which obligates all parties that use or benefit from the shared