Candidate Qualification and Disclosure Form

Section 29(1)(f) of the Condominium Act, 1998 (the “Act”) requires candidates running for election to the board of directors to make certain disclosure to the Corporation before election or appointment. Directors must also meet the qualification requirements pursuant to the Act.

Candidates who do not submit the required disclosure are not eligible to submit their name as a candidate in the notice package. Individuals who wish to be nominated from the floor at the meeting shall be required to make disclosure in writing or orally at the meeting.

Please fill out and submit the form below

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I declare that I meet the director qualifications pursuant to section 29(1)(f) of the Act,

  1. I am 18 years of age or older;
  2. I do not have the status of bankrupt;
  3. I have not been found to be incapable of managing property under the Substitute
    Decisions Act, 1992 or the Mental Health Act;
  4. I have not been found incapable by any court in Canada or elsewhere;

 Yes No


1. (a) I am a registered owner of a unit in the Corporation.
 Yes No

If you answered Yes to (a), you must answer (b). If you answered No to (a), proceed to #2

(b) The contributions to the common expenses payable for my unit(s) are in arrears for 60 days or more.
 Yes No

2. I am an occupant of a unit in the Corporation.
 Yes No

3. I, my spouse, child, parent, my spouse’s child or parent, or an occupier of a unit in the Corporation that I own, is/are party to a legal action to which the Corporation is a party.
 Yes No

If you answered Yes to #3, indicate the person(s) involved in the action and a brief general description of the action.

4. I have been convicted of an offence under the Condominium Act, 1998 or under the regulations within the last 10 years.
 Yes No

If you answered Yes to #4, provide a brief general description of the conviction.

5. I have a direct or indirect material interest in a contract or transaction to which the Corporation is a party (other than in my capacity as a purchaser, mortgagee, owner, or occupier of a unit)
 Yes No

If you answered Yes to #5, provide a brief general description of the nature and extent of the interest.

6. I have a direct or indirect material interest in a contract or transaction to which the Declarant (ie. the developer) or an affiliate of the Declarant is a party (other than in my capacity as a purchaser, mortgagee, owner or occupier of a unit)
 Yes No

If you answered Yes to #6, provide a brief general description of the nature and extent of the interest.

 I affirm that the statements made as to my qualifications and disclosure above (and, if applicable any attached pages) are true as of the date I have submitted this form. If any of the information provided on this form changes prior to the election, I agree to provide the Corporation with written notification of such change(s).

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Humeid Khan
Humeid Khan
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Won't speak to you on the phone, extremely poor customer service. Wrote a letter and refused any effort to further communicate and get a clarification. They are now threatening to instate a lean against the condo unit. I have called and called asking for clarity on why I am being charged $500 for no reason!!!! I can't believe companies like this get their licenses more
kally min
kally min
12:12 05 Oct 19
Denise Lash is an example of what it means to infuse integrity and expertise into her industry. She operates at the highest standard and without a doubt is a leader in condo law. If you’re a board member or a resident this is the only lawyer you want to consider in protecting your investment. If you’re in on the end David of a Goliath problem she’s the one you want in your more
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Alex karapancev
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Lash Condo Law is an excellent boutique condominium law firm. The lawyers are knowledgeable, and they are very responsive. The office staff is friendly and professional, and our legal needs were attended to in a timely manner. I highly recommend Lash Condo Law. The best dedicated and passionate team ! Very responsive, detail oriented in providing legal advice and very knowledgeable. Danielle and Denise are amazing !read more
MTCC 573
MTCC 573
13:55 26 Sep 19
I have been a Director of our Corporation for over 12 years and we have worked with Denise for about a decade. In that time, in addition to a few 'regular legal things', we have completely revised our Rules and by-laws and adopted an e-voting by-law. Denise and her whole team have been great to work with and I strongly recommend more
Stephen Matyasfalvi
Stephen Matyasfalvi
17:23 25 Sep 19
I have been a board member of my condo for 15 years and have dealt with Denise Lash throughout that time and in fact our condo chose to follow Denise Lash when she formed Lash Condo Law. We have worked with Denise and almost all of her team and have always been impressed with the level of service. They have acted in our best interests, provided sound advice and always tried to address any issues with the simplest of ways understanding the impact legal costs can have on a condo's expenses. We have had absolutely no reason to consider anyone else to be our legal more
mo ladha
mo ladha
15:15 25 Sep 19
Lash has always been a pleasure to work with making even the most complicated deals a breeze. Carole redwood has been the most amazing law clerk that we could have asked for and I would have been lost without all her help. Highly recommend this law firm to anyone looking for reliable and trustworthy lawyers who will always do their best for more
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