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Our Team

A dedicated team of condo lawyers covering the spectrum of services condo corporations require.
Denise Lash
Denise has over 25 years experience as a condominium lawyer representing condominium clients in all aspects of condominium law. Denise has been recognized for her work on both a Provincial and National level. Learn More
Josh Milgrom
Josh is passionate about condos – he is a condo lawyer, resident, owner, and president of his condo in downtown Toronto. As a director, Josh offers a unique perspective when advising condo corporations. Learn More
Joseph Salmon
Joseph is well versed in all areas of condominium law, including complicated turnover issues, common element deficiencies Tarion proceedings, shared facility and noise disputes, litigation regarding common expense arrears, and much much more! Learn More
Jonathan Fine
Jonathan Fine
Jonathan Fine has enjoyed a long and distinguished legal career in the field of condo law and is a nationally recognized and highly regarded condo lawyer and litigator. Learn More
Danielle Swartz
Danielle is building a practice in all things condo law, from condo development, corporate governance and providing representation to condo corporations in court proceedings and dispute resolution. Learn More
Natalia Polis
Prior to attending law school, Natalia grew up working at her family’s condominium management company where she developed a keen interest in everything condo. It was only natural that a legal career in condo law would follow. Learn More
Jake Fine
Jake Fine
Condominium law is in Jake’s blood. Having worked at a condominium law firm since the age of 18 starting as a summer student, Jake has worked closely with leading lawyers in the industry, allowing him to gain experience beyond his years. Learn More
Sarah Morrey
Sarah joins Lash Condo Law as its 2019-2020 articling student. Having previously summered with the firm, Sarah has developed an avid enthusiasm for condominium law. Learn More
David Elmaleh
David appears before all levels of court in Ontario, including the Court of Appeal. He is sensitive to the high costs of litigation and attempts to resolve disputes creatively, effectively and efficiently. Learn More

How High?

When you say jump, we say…We put our clients first. We know that situations can move quickly and decisions often have to be made under tight time constraints. We’re here to serve – you.


We’re inspired by our clients, their stories, their challenges. We appreciate that every client is unique and every situation is different. We tailor our approach to suit your situation.

the Talk

We’re not only condo lawyers, we’re condo owners, residents and board members. We bring both professional judgment and personal experience to every case we handle.

Our Services

We provide legal advice and practical guidance to Condominium Corporations, Cooperatives and Co-ownerships.


In November 2017, the Condominium Act was amended to permit electronic voting for condominium corporations. Denise Lash saw the need to bring electronic voting to her clients and did so through a company she founded- CondoVoter. CondoVoter is an electronic voting provider and more recently a host for virtual owners’ meetings and telephone voting. Our group is committed to bringing innovative products and services to our condominium corporation clients. It was good timing - demand for these services has skyrocketed since the Covid-19 pandemic started.


With over 20 years of experience inside the condo world, we understand what it means to be a condo owner, board member, condo manager, condo developer and the issues condominium corporations face in their communities. We know what you’re going through – we know how to help.
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We share our knowledge through weekly blog posts on topics related to management and operation of condominium corporations, case law updates and news around the world that may impact condominiums in Ontario. Members of our group continually provide educational seminars/webinars on various topics related to the management and operation of condominium corporations and are often interviewed by various media outlets.

Our Mission

Client service is the foundation on which this firm is built – we know what we do, and we do it very well. If you require highly capable, experienced and affordable legal advice and representation, please contact us at the address below.
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