Josh is passionate about condos. As the previous president of his corporation, Josh offers a unique perspective when advising condo corporations. Josh’s experience spans all things condo, including enforcement issues, shared facilities disputes, drafting or interpreting rules, by-laws and declarations, collection of common expense arrears and owners’ meetings. He also represents condo corporations in mediations, arbitrations and court proceedings.

Josh’s passion for condos started after being appointed to his former Board on a vacancy. Little did he know, this would be the impetus to his future career.

Josh is a member of CCI Toronto’s CondoSTRENGTH Committee and has written for or been cited in the following publications:

  • CondoVoice
  • CondoBusiness
  • CM Magazine
  • Lash Condo Law Blog
  • Habitat Magazine
  • Law Times

At his condo, Josh and his board overcame a gamut of condo conundrums – a special assessment, a requisition meeting, several multi-million dollar projects, and director misconduct. These first-hand experiences have taught Josh a thing or two about being a director – and about what directors want from their lawyers.

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